The VEHI Dental Program began on July 1, 2000, with approximately 3,550 subscribers and has since grown to include approximately 8,290 employees in 205 schools. Five basic plan options are available through the VEHI/Northeast Delta Dental (NEDD) Program, however, school districts which purchase dental coverage directly with Delta Dental are able to enroll in the VEHI Program with their existing plan. 

VEHI's Dental Program continues to be successful. The program remains financially sound and premiums continue to be lower than those obtained directly from Delta Dental.


Non-Discrimination Notice

NEDD Vision Discount Program

Health Through Oral Wellness® Program

Go Green Benefits

Dental Certificate of Coverage

Age 25 and 26 Clarification for VEHI Delta Dental


Dental Plans and Costs

For individual dates, you can contact Angela by e-mail: or telephone:  802-223-5040 ext. 230.


FY 18 Renewal Notice

FY 17 Renewal Notice


Network - NEDD Premier Network

Northeast Delta Dental instituted changes to its Premier Network reimbursements effective January 1, 2015.  More about this change can be found here.


A list of dentists that deciding to no longer participate in this network can be found here.


A complete directory of NEDD participating dentists is available on their website at  You are able to search by geographic area and specialty, and save the results to print.


Dental PPO Network Flyer